Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

I can't believe I haven't posted in over almost a month!  There's really no excuse except I just haven't known what to say, there's been so much going on!  I'll break it down into categories, to make it easier.

Buddy developed a bad cough that wouldn't quit, then kindly passed it on to Curly and then me.  All 3 of us have taken antibiotics, which didn't work.  Buddy seems to be over it now, but after 3 weeks, Curly and I are still coughing.   We've driven everyone around us nuts, hacking up a lung everywhere we go.  I should probably by stock in Ricola cough drops.  I'm certain I've gone through the entire supply on the East Coast by now.   Unfortunately, I had to bow out of singing a solo at church that I had really been looking forward to sharing.  No one would have wanted to see me hack up there on the platform.  I didn't even make it to church that day (which is a BIG deal for us, since we practically live in that building!) 

So I haven't accomplished much lately.  I'd been working on a rocking chair for my friends, the McTriplet Family.  (They are expecting triplets next month)  I was too sick to attend the baby shower, and in the days leading up to it, was too sick to even work on it.  Hopefully I'll get it finished before the baby girls get here.  It matches their nursery perfectly.  I haven't even started on either of the dressers.  The job search has been going on in earnest, which has taken up a lot of my time (more on that later).  Hopefully, in the next few weeks, I'll have several photos of finished products to post.

Handsome officially has a new job.  He starts work for a major "not to be named on this blog" computer company next Wednesday.  He won't have any gap in his employment.  The only issue is that this new position is hourly, and carries no benefits, necessitating that I MUST get a job so we can insurance.  Not the most fun reason to work, but a valid one. 

I've sent out what feels like a million resumes now.  I have had a few new "nibbles."  I interviewed for a position with a nonprofit that sounded ideal.  The commute was a little long, but the benefits at this place were crazy good (100% health care paid for the entire family, 5 weeks of vacation up front, unlimited sick leave, etc.)  It was looking really promising, and I had been called for a second interview.  There was some crazy changes to the scheduling of the second interview, necessitating that we reschedule a family trip (more on this later).  Once we'd finally gotten it all straightened out, I received a message that they have decided to postpone hiring for the position all together.  Needless to say, I wasn't really happy about that.  I guess they lost some funding or something, and the most logical place to cut funds it to not hire the open position.  I've been assured that I was a "finalist" for the job and that I'll be contacted as soon as it re-opens, but who knows when that will be.  I also interviewed at a large, national health/kid services organization.  That interview went really well, but it looks like A LOT of late nights and weekends, and with 2 munchkins at home, that would be really really hard. 

I did apply for a job at a small university that is very close to our home.  The job sounds like I'd really enjoy it, and I even know someone in the department, who was very encouraging when I contacted her.  I am REALLY hoping I get an interview there, but who knows.

I keep praying two things:  that God would guide my steps, and make His will clear to me and to Handsome; and (this one is a little selfish) that if I MUST go back to work and leave my two precious children in someone else's care, that I would at least enjoy the job itself, so I won't be completely miserable.  I get the feeling that even though the benefits were great at the postponed job, that I would have hated the actual work itself. 

We'd been planning to visit Handsome's parents, who live 16 hours away in the Midwest in June, since who knows when he'll get another vacation.  We had planned to go the 19th to the 25th, but when my interview got rescheduled for the 24th (the one that was later canceled), we rearranged our travel plans, and left almost immediately for a visit.  We've been here since last Friday and will return home tomorrow.  The kids are having a great time and got to visit this awesome children's museum.  I'll post pics once we get home.  It has stormed a lot while we've been here, and my in-laws lost 4 trees in their yard during one of them. It's supposed to storm all day today, mostly likely severely in the afternoon.  Hopefully we won't have to spend all afternoon in the basement. 

My favorite name-sake aunt is coming for a very short visit as soon as we get back.  Hopefully I'll get to spend a couple of hours with her, and let the kids visit with her a bit.  I wish she could spend more time with us, but she and my mom are headed north to visit a friend, so they must get on the road ASAP. 

Well, there's an update.  Probably not very entertaining or funny, but hopefully we'll get back to those kinds of posts soon.  There's just so much change going on right now in our family, it's hard to focus on the humorous.