Monday, August 29, 2011

The Lazy Blogger

I know, it's been forever.  Life has been busy, so sue me!

Handsome's new job is going well.  I'm STILL looking.  I have a few "nibbles" with some phone interviews, but nothing concrete.

Curly just started back to preschool today.  (See obligatory first day of school picture below)  They are now keeping her from 9 am to 1 pm, Mon, Wed & Fri.  We are required to send lunch with her, which now creates an entirely new set of issues.  They do not allow peanut butter, so our "lunch on the go" choices are pretty limited for my picky eater.

Other summer events that took place since I last posted included a weekend at the beach with some amazing friends.  We spent three glorious days at Carolina Beach, digging holes, building sand castles, jumping in waves and generally having a fabulous time.  The beach is WAY more fun with little kids!  Unfortunately I haven't downloaded those pics yet, so you'll have to see them later. 

Curly has discovered her own sense of fashion.  So as not to stifle her creativity (and lacking the energy to argue with her about it), we made many outings this summer with Curly sporting ensembles like this:

Buddy has also begun to assert his independence.  While his speech therapy is going amazingly well, and he's talking WAY more than he used to, he is also learning how to be defiant.  As exemplified below:

The monkeys had some other great times at recent events, especially at church.  Curly and her best buds got to spend some time on a water slide, at a rock concert and watching science experiments.  I think she likes being a big kid.

We also did lots of park playdates with friends.  We especially enjoyed those with the little guy pictured below. 

We also instituted what we like to call Family Movie Night.  We eat pizza, pop popcorn and cuddle up together as a family to watch a movie.  Curly loves it, but Buddy is still learning to sit still.  One day we'll go to a real theater.

That's pretty much how we spent our summer.  Just one more thing -

Kenan - you still need to wash your car.