Saturday, April 23, 2011

Easter Egg Extravaganza Pics

Here are a few pics we took during our various Easter excursions:

With her princess crown, so graciously provided by the face painter lady.  Mommy vetoed the lipstick and eye-shadow in the original design.
Buddy, just waiting for egg time at Phillip's Farm.

Run, little man, run!

More running.

"Mommy, I promise, the butterfly went that way!  Why can't I follow?"

 Loading up for egg time!


 "Mommy, there's nothing in here!"


 "See!  I ate it!"

 Always the little mommy at her preschool egg hunt.

 She got to be the door holder that day.

 I asked him to pose for a picture.  He froze in this position for a good 45 seconds waiting for me to take it.

 Buddy with our ever-helpful friend, Miss K!  Love that girl!!

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  1. Such gorgeous chillins! :-) Seriously - you're kids are adorable.